Craig and Josie

Craig and Josie decided to have their wedding rings restyled to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

Josie loves rubies and the colour and texture that could be achieved with 24ct gold. However she was concerned with the terrible mining and gemstone industry particularly in Burma from where the most prized rubies are sourced.

We found a lovely oval ruby from Mozambique, had it recut to a flawless radiant stone, combined it with reclaimed gold and diamonds set onto a band of the 9ct gold from her original wedding ring.

Craig’s beauty went through a number of incarnations before we made a final decision on materials. So worth the wait! The photo does not do it justice. The ring is wonderfully heavy and the separation of the 4 bands (for the 4 family members) brings it to life.

Craig and Josie are from New Zealand and previously had simple 9ct wedding rings and pounamu engagement rings long since broken.

Craig and I explored dark pounamu (aka nephrite and New Zealand greenstone) and the lovely New Zealand hardwood, black maire–reclaimed of course.

Finally, Craig opted for the black of shakudo for the centre band; which we complemented with 18ct palladium white gold external bands and his 9ct yellow gold wedding band reworked to be the internal sleeve.

Thanks to stone cutter Ewan Duff and jeweller Nga Waiata for their advice regarding the use of, and the tricky business of gaining access to, raw materials from New Zealand.