Sparkles and Scintilation

Last Sunday I was honoured to hold my annual private gem show for bespoke clients.

This year we shared a delightful few hours sipping bubbles and feasting on October’s luscious opal and scintillating tourmaline–gemstones fit for Aladin’s cave.

It was a wonderful way to catch up and make new friends, while collecting past commissions for their annual clean.

Specially sourcing the gems on show meant one day of incredible prices for these treasured clients so it was also great for planning new projects.

A big thank you to friend and fashion desinger Judi Guthrie for hosting the event at her fabulous shop, Atelier Australia.

The nature of this annual event means that I can only invite ten people.
If you didn’t get an invite this year but are keen to come to the next one, send me a note and you will go straight to the top of the list.