For me the word cochlear conjures things of or relating to the ear and particularly the cochlear implant. At cross section our cochlea are wonderful multi-storied houses very much like the shell of the snail (cochleae) from whence it derived its name.

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These brooches, pendants and earrings developed from shadows cast by a friend’s wooden spoon collection. I was interested to learn that CO′CHLEAR (κοχλιάριον) was also a kind of spoon, which appears to have terminated with a point at one end, and at the other was broad and hollow like our own spoons. The pointed end was used for drawing cochleae out of their shells, and eating them and the broader part for eating eggs.

The two-storey brooches and pendants were exhibited for the Sunshine Coast 3D Art Prize 2013.

This collection saw the beginnings of my exploration in the Japanese metalsmithing technique irogane, which alloys copper with precious metals to achieve a myriad shades of grey.

Shibuichi (silver and copper), shakudo (gold and copper), and sterling silver, treated with niage.