Beach bottoms

Bottoms, bottoms everywhere. My ode to the proliferation of bottoms on our local beaches over Summer. And in particular, to the new fondness young women are showing for the small swimsuits I recall being adorned with grace by women of all shapes and sizes on Brazilian beaches in the late nineties. In shibuichi and sterling silver, or shakudo and…

Ocean’s blue

Winter walks around my local headlands found me consumed by our pacific’s various and changing hues. The white and greys as the subdued winter sun tickled the cresting waves. The stoney grey of the rocky foreshore, the well washed beige of the sand. The myriad blue grey of the cool water. BUY NOW – Check…


A series of silver box rings, one for each letter of the English alphabet. I’ve been told I was nuts to make these, but I thought it was fun.


A month in Malta visiting my sister, swimming in clear blue spring ocean, gazing up at the white walls of Valletta from the harbour… Tomatoes, rocket and ricotta. Thanks Liz, Alex, Leuca, Lou, Frog, Alejandro and Kevin – you were great company.


Fabulously eye catching, these rings are great fun. The are pieced together like a box thus hollow and light enough for everyday wear.


These treasures bring to mind all the tasty little treats cooked in my mothers cast iron Wagner muffin pan. Fairy cakes, peach blossoms, gem scones.


Lengths of wire. Folded, twisted, joined…