Beach bottoms

Bottoms, bottoms everywhere. My ode to the proliferation of bottoms on our local beaches over Summer. And in particular, to the new fondness young women are showing for the small swimsuits I recall being adorned with grace by women of all shapes and sizes on Brazilian beaches in the late nineties. In shibuichi and sterling silver, or shakudo and…

Miro maps

When Miro was two he spent a few months producing beautiful maps. Each expressive enclosed shape coming with a detailed story. The diligent mother that I am, I put my favourites in a special place for safe keeping with this collection in mind. I am sure I will find them one day. These ones were secreted…


Kooljaman means “place of no grass” in the language of the Bardi people who live at the top end of Cape Leveque, in the Kimberly, Western Australia. It is a place of intense colours. The meeting point of deep red earth, white sands, and the ever changing blue ocean. We were privileged to be invited…


Originally inspired by the folded red quartzite rock faces of the MacDonnell Ranges in Central Australia.

Shide 紙垂

These folded bits of silver and gold were inspired by shide seen at temples during our recent visit to Japan. Shide are sheets of white paper cut, folded and used in Shinto rituals. They are often hung from plaited rice rope (shimenawa 注連縄) to signify the presence of spirits or ward off demons.


For me the word cochlear conjures things of or relating to the ear and particularly the cochlear implant. At cross section our cochlea are wonderful multi-storied houses very much like the shell of the snail (cochleae) from whence it derived its name.

Fallen leaves

We have such lovely flora in South East Queensland. Picking up leaves at the beach is a favourite pastime. Leaves make particularly good sandcastle adornments.

Southern skies

We have been star gazing lately. Missing the bright stars of the outback but on a clear night we find some lovely bright bodies out to greet us.


A month in Malta visiting my sister, swimming in clear blue spring ocean, gazing up at the white walls of Valletta from the harbour… Tomatoes, rocket and ricotta. Thanks Liz, Alex, Leuca, Lou, Frog, Alejandro and Kevin – you were great company.


I love windows and the seemingly infinite variety in their shapes and forms. They are something I need. I can’t live without light and would shrivel if left for long in any of the darker parts of the planet. BUY NOW – Check availability and prices The first in my windows series was this cuff …


These treasures bring to mind all the tasty little treats cooked in my mothers cast iron Wagner muffin pan. Fairy cakes, peach blossoms, gem scones.

John Foley

I have taken much inspiration and many, many tools from John. It is thanks to him, and his children Ben and Sarah, that I have come to realise my love for playing with metal. We have plans to photograph as much of John’s work as we can get our hands on. So check back so…


Lengths of wire. Folded, twisted, joined…