Much of my jewellery practice is bespoke; making wearable pieces for a diverse range of clients in styles and materials that best suit them.

Send me an email so we can begin the process of creating a treasure that is perfect for you.

As far as possible I work with Australian and/or recycled materials–metals re-refined rather than newly mined, and Australian stone; including platinum, silver, gold, shibuichi (silver and copper), shakudo (gold and copper) and gems.

Quite often a client’s special treasures will be included in bespoke pieces. Stories, feelings and objects such as old jewellery, small toys, found objects and family gems can continue their lives either physically or emotionally in new works.


We begin with a meeting to get an idea of who you are and what it is that you are looking for. I will ask about your favourite things; these might be stories, objects, feelings, memories. We talk about the type of object you wish for, how you will use it and what it will mean to you. This meeting can happen in person, or via phone, video or email.

Following these conversations, I will draw some designs for you to review. We work from these to refine a design that suits you perfectly.

The design process typically takes 5 to 10 hours (usually spread over a few weeks). This includes the time involved in meeting and communicating; learning about the things you love, your style and taste; sketching and drawing up designs for us to review together; researching materials; and estimating the cost of making the designs.

I find it best to take the time required during the design stage to achieve a piece that you will have an immediate affinity for, makes your heart (and face) light up with delight and which tells your story in a personal way.

Once the design is complete, I go on the adventure of sourcing the materials required and make your treasure.


The cost of commissioned work varies greatly and depends on the complexity of the piece and the materials used.

My clients usually spend in excess of $3,000 once gemstones, gold and fabrication are considered. However, I am always pleased to reuse clients metals and gems, and I do my best to accommodate smaller budgets. Tell me your budget when we first talk then we can work together to make a plan that suits you.