Barcelona, the whirlwind tour

My time in Barcelona was luxurious. Endless walking, super hospitality, kid-free, gallery upon gallery upon gallery. I could not have asked for more.

It seems a long time ago now, but coming back to warm weather has helped the holiday vibe to continue.

Many of you will have been to Barcelona. I had not. It is a great city for art, walking, ham, and vermut, none of which I get large doses of in Caloundra (though I have little excuse for my lack of walking).

The weather was unusually drizzly and there is a remote chance that this resulted in more time spent in galleries and bars. In truth however, I know no end to the time I could spend with Antoni Tàpies’ work, and there was so much liquid goodness to be sampled.

A special mention to my hosts, Colin and Andrea. Leah, Margaret and Dennis, I can’t thank you enough for introducing us!


JOYA, the Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair which took me to the Catalan capital, was a lively affair featuring forty artists from around the world. To be included with jewellers of such distinction as Gigi Mariani (Italy), to hold the work of Jordi Aparicio (Spain) and Dabin Lee (Korea), and to meet people as delightful as Zeta Tzemur (Greece) was indeed an honour. The three days brimmed with chatting, sharing fabrication techniques and talking at length to collectors and gallery owners.

For me, the highlight was the work the Kookmin University students. Each of their pieces was sublime, and their collection served to affirm my affinity for contemporary South Korean craft.

You can view the work I presented here.

Nov15IMG 3777


Nov15IMG 3805

Gigi Mariani (Italy)

Nov15IMG 3791Steffi Götze (Germany)

Nov15IMG 3795Jeemin Jamie Chung (South Korea)

Nov15IMG 3806Katja Toporski (Germany)

Nov15IMG 3817Zeta Tzemur (Greece)

A review of the event can be read here–yes, that is me, top, centre…under the table 😉