Beach bottoms

Bottoms, bottoms everywhere. My ode to the proliferation of bottoms on our local beaches over Summer. And in particular, to the new fondness young women are showing for the small swimsuits I recall being adorned with grace by women of all shapes and sizes on Brazilian beaches in the late nineties. In shibuichi and sterling silver, or shakudo and…

Miro maps

When Miro was two he spent a few months producing beautiful maps. Each expressive enclosed shape coming with a detailed story. The diligent mother that I am, I put my favourites in a special place for safe keeping with this collection in mind. I am sure I will find them one day. These ones were secreted…

Pop up

Our afternoon festivities in Brisbane last month were such fun I decided to do it again. This time on the Sunshine Coast with my friend Sarah Tuckey of Gather and Nurture Sarah found a beautiful waterfront venue at Kawana Island, which we laden with hand-made gifts with which to delight our loved ones. Local refreshments from Frozen Sunshine Ice Blocks and BNE…

Summer merriment

Spring cleaning It has been a super year for us; happily busy, fantastic beachy weather, fun projects and snippets of time with friends. It has also been a year of change in Brisbane’s contemporary jewellery scene with my two Brisbane stockists, Fio Contemporary and Stone and Metal, closing their retail outlets to focus on other endeavours. I am…

Barcelona, the whirlwind tour

My time in Barcelona was luxurious. Endless walking, super hospitality, kid-free, gallery upon gallery upon gallery. I could not have asked for more. It seems a long time ago now, but coming back to warm weather has helped the holiday vibe to continue. Many of you will have been to Barcelona. I had not. It…

Orogen goes to Barcelona

I am delighted that my Orogen collection has been selected to be shown as part of Joya Barcelona 2015. Orogen is all about Central Australia, particularly Arrernte and Western Aranda country, and it is wonderful that the work has found a keen audience in Catalonia. Here  is a preview of the work that on display….


Kooljaman means “place of no grass” in the language of the Bardi people who live at the top end of Cape Leveque, in the Kimberly, Western Australia. It is a place of intense colours. The meeting point of deep red earth, white sands, and the ever changing blue ocean. We were privileged to be invited…

Wabi Sabi: The beauty of impermanence

Wabi Sabi profiled six Japanese and Australian artists who use use traditional Japanese techniques but are inspired by the Australian landscape and way of life, creating unique styles embedded in cross-cultural influence. The work on display included ikebana, shibori, woodblock printing, ceramics, irogane and tsumami zaiku. Artists: Mabina Alaka, Carolyn Barker, Hiroaki Eba, Ken Kikkawa,…


Over the past few years I have become enamoured with the colours that copper can be made to produce through the niage patina process. This new collection of vessels and wearables is inspired by the rich tones of Australian red earth. This article by Jim Kelso explains the red copper patina that can be achieved…

Foyer Feature – Redland Art Gallery

In the lead up to our August exhibition Redlands Art Gallery have selected my work for their Foyer Feature. The Satellite Pendants also feature the inside cover of their 2015 events program.    


A heart melting word gift from Ecstatic Melancolic poet Louisa Miranda. Words: Louisa Miranda, Photos: Mindi Cooke

Alluvial gold

A lovely man who had spent years of weekends fossicking dropped in to my workshop to have the gold he had found melted into bars. I grew attached to a few tiny nuggets and he kindly sold them to me.

Sparkles and Scintilation

Last Sunday I was honoured to hold my annual private gem show for bespoke clients. This year we shared a delightful few hours sipping bubbles and feasting on October’s luscious opal and scintillating tourmaline–gemstones fit for Aladin’s cave.

Noosa Art Award

Satellite pendants selected for the Noosa Art Award exhibition, 2014.  


My ode to Catriona McKenzie’s film Satellite Boy, the film really moved my son and me, its fabulous sound track has been on high rotation. Equally inspired by our year of clear evening skies along the coast.

Meet the maker

I was delighted that so many of my clients, friends and supporters joined me for an autumnal celebration at artisan last weekend. It was so nice to see all your smiling faces. Contact me for high res copies of your photos. And yes. Next time I promise to talk for longer.

Ocean’s blue

Winter walks around my local headlands found me consumed by our pacific’s various and changing hues. The white and greys as the subdued winter sun tickled the cresting waves. The stoney grey of the rocky foreshore, the well washed beige of the sand. The myriad blue grey of the cool water. BUY NOW – Check…

Contemporary Wearables 2013

Window pendant selected for The Contemporary Wearables Biennial Jewellery Award and  touring exhibition, 2013.

Green gold πράσινο χρυσός

The wonderful greens of chrysoprase combined with shakudo (black) and pure gold or silver embossed with textures from Kimberley landscape drawings–courtesy of Ben Foley.