Wabi Sabi: The beauty of impermanence

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Wabi Sabi profiles six Japanese and Australian artists who use use traditional Japanese techniques but are inspired by the Australian landscape and way of life, […]


Aercus necklaces

Over the past few years I have become enamoured with the colours that copper can be made to produce through the niage patina process.. This […]

Foyer Feature – Redland Art Gallery


In the lead up to our August exhibition Redlands Art Gallery have selected my work for their Foyer Feature. The Satellite Pendants also feature the […]



A heart melting word gift from Ecstatic Melancolic poet Louisa Miranda. Words: Louisa Miranda, Photos: Mindi Cooke

Alluvial gold

Alluvial drop pendant

A lovely man who had spent years of weekends fossicking dropped in to my workshop to have the gold he had found melted into bars. […]

Sparkles and Scintilation


Last Sunday I was honoured to hold my annual private gem show for bespoke clients. This year we shared a delightful few hours sipping bubbles […]

Noosa Art Award

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 6.27.09 pm

Satellite pendants selected for the Noosa Art Award exhibition, 2014.  


Satellite pendant

My ode to Catriona McKenzie’s film Satellite Boy, the film really moved my son and me, its fabulous sound track has been on high rotation. […]

Carolyn Barker: The Radish Alchemist


An interview forThe Planthunter magazine. Words: Jo Hoban, Photos: Mindi Cooke, Editor: Georgia Reid

Precious leaves on display


Project story in Jewellery World. Words: Jenny Berich, Photo: Kat Barker

Creativity begins in a boiling cauldron


Project story in the Caloundra Weekly. Words: Kiera Kelly Williamson. Photo: Liz Warning.

Fallen leaves Installation

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.01.31 am

An autumnal display of 224 previous metal leaves for artisan, Queensland’s peak body for craft.

Autumn leaves to carpet the Valley


Project story in the Sunshine Coast Daily. Words: Rebecca Marshell, Photos: Liz Warning, Kate Grainzien and me

A film born from friendship

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Profile story and film for ABC Open. Words, Film and Photos: Liz Warning. Music: McKisco.

Ocean’s blue

Ocean's blue Queensland gem earrings

Winter walks around my local headlands found me consumed by our pacific’s various and changing hues. The white and greys as the subdued winter sun […]

Close Up – Carolyn Barker, artisan jeweller


A profile story for the Brisbane News. Words: Naomi Lim, Photo: Kate Granzien  

Contemporary Wearables ’13

Stunning ametrine in 22ct yellow gold and shakudo.

Window pendant selected for The Contemporary Wearables Biennial Jewellery Award and  touring exhibition, 2013.

Sunshine Coast Art Prize, 3D


Co’chlear pendants and brooches selected for the Sunshine Coast Art Prize 3D exhibition.    

Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award


Sake set selected for the 2013 Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award. Exhibited at the Bendigo Art Gallery and the Arts Centre Melbourne.  

International Designer Profile

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 11.08.55 pm

Jewellery designer profile in British Vogue.

Green Gold πράσινο χρυσός

textures shakudo earrings close sm

The wonderful greens of chrysoprase combined with shakudo (black) and pure gold or silver embossed with textures from Kimberley landscape drawings–courtesy of Ben Foley.